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Dr. Eleanora McCoy

Eleanora McCoy

Dr. Eleanora McCoy
Department of History, UGA

Born Feb. 12, Eleanora had grown up in San Fransisco as a skittish young woman and went to UC Berkeley to get her degree in History. She led a rather wild undergraduate life (which she won't tell anyone about) before graduating and attending the University of Georgia for her graduate degree in History. It was in Georgia where she picked up the post of professor. She met and married Dr. David McCoy. Had a son who, also, eventually became a doctor. Eleanora was there with David through every step of his illness til the day he died. She shut herself into their home for a year, efficiently becoming a hermit. After a concerned intervention from her family, she has since returned to teaching, attempting to live a normal life.

After meeting David, Eleanora was drawn out of her shell, becoming more sure of herself. She's quite friendly and is quick to hug others. There's no filter between her mind and mouth so she often states what's on her mind. With Eleanora, what you see is often what you get. Following her return to teaching, her students have claimed that she's become even more eccentric, bordering on crazy. However, Eleanora will be quick to say you're wrong. "I'm not eccentric or crazy. I'm just...enthusiastic!" Though since David's death, she has been known to...have episodes.

Wife of Dr. David McCoy, mother to Leonard McCoy, paternal grandmother to Joanna McCoy.
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